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5 Tips For Patch Organization

5 Tips For Patch Organization

There are dozens of ways to organize your patches, and we thought we’d share a few tricks we’ve discovered on how to find the patches you need, when you need them. Here’s our 5 top tricks: 


1. Create set folders for each song.


By creating a “Set” (AKA folder) for each song, we can take notes, add charts, set a master song tempo and more, and as long as we stay within the folder all of the notes and charts will stay visible. Also, we’ll be able to swap out patches without losing any of our notes. 


2. Create a favorites list, and pull from it when hunting for sounds. 


Having a core groups of your favorite patches allow you to quickly drag and drop the right sound into your song folders without digging through thousands of presets. Need some patches to get you started? Click here to sign up for our email list, and you’ll get a free 20 patch starter pack. 


3. Create a folder for every band you play in. 


Instead of grouping all your patches in one area, create band-specific folders for your patches. This will keep you from dragging in the wrong patch if you play the same song in two bands but with a different arrangement. 


4. Use command-E to save your sets. 


This is the most important step- once you dial in your favorite sounds, use command-E to save them to the right folder. This will save any changes you’ve made, and help you quickly drag and drop the right sounds into place next time. 


5. Back it up. 


Regularly backing up your computer with Time Machine allows you to have an “undo” option for patch saving mistakes. If you accidentally save over a patch or delete it, it’s easy to use Time Machine to go back a day or two and recover your file. 

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