How To Map Midi Controllers In MainStage

You just bought a brand new keyboard, but you can’t figure out how to connect all of those knobs and faders to MainStage’s on screen controls. Here’s the no-hassle way to do it: 


Screenshot 2017-06-13 07.11.46.png

1. Open MainStage. Pick your template (or download a free template that matches your controller exactly). 


2. Connect your midi controller via USB cable to your computer.


Screenshot 2017-06-13 07.12.11.png

3. In MainStage, select Layout Mode (or press command 1) 


Screenshot 2017-06-13 07.12.26.png

4. Click on the controller you want to map. 


Screenshot 2017-06-13 07.12.36.png

5. Click the “assign” button on the LH side of the display. 


6. Move your midi controller until the onscreen controller moves. 


7. Repeat for all the other controllers you want to map. 



Once you’re done, switch back to Edit mode (command-2), and you’ll be all set to go.


Have a question about how to use MainStage? Leave a message before and we might cover it in our next tutorial!