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Ask Patch Foundry: Finding MainStage Patches In Logic Studio X 

Ask Patch Foundry: Finding MainStage Patches In Logic Studio X 

I received this email from a reader this week: 


Hello Eric,


Do you know if it is possible to access user created Mainstage patches from Logic?  When I'm in Logic and searching under my user channel strip, I can see some of the patches but they wont load because they require the ESX24.  Do you have any idea how they can be brought into the Logic word? Converting, loading the ESX24? Etc?


Many thanks,




Hi Jim,


Logic Studio X has the EXS24 baked into it, so you should be able to easily load any sound you create in MainStage into Logic Pro. Here’s where to put your patches in order for you to find them natively in Logic Studio: 


Open Music>Audio Music Apps> Channel Strip Settings> Instrument


If you put a .patch file into this file structure, it’ll show up in Logic as a folder with all the channel strips and fx in that patch. If you want to get the exact sound as it sounds in MainStage, you’ll need to import all the channel strips in the .patch folder, and you may need to do a little tweaking. Still, all of your sounds and busses should be available. 


Thanks, and happy gigging! 




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