Our first blog is up!

We’ve finally got a blog! After blogging on MainStage for 3 years at www.ericwbarfield.com/blog, I’ll be moving all of my blogs and tutorials to www.patchfoundry.com starting today. 


So what can you expect? 


Here’s what I’m going to try to cover: 


1. Mondays will be a wild card. I’ll be posting anything from an interview with a keyboardist, to a gear review, to an in-depth tutorial on a specific aspect of MainStage like putting together a worship rig. 


2. On Wednesdays I’ll be releasing a video tutorial on some aspect of MainStage. 


3. Fridays will be focused on freebies. I’ll list a new patch each week that will be added to the secret page that people get access to when they sign up for my email list, along with any new templates, e-books, or anything else. 


Is there something that you’d like to see me cover in this blog? Leave a comment below!