Gritty, authentic organ patches for pro keyboardists.

Painstakingly crafted by session players at a recording studio in Nashville, TN, the Ultimate Organ Pack features highly realistic organ tones for the session and touring musician. 

• Tweaked versions of dozens of classic organs, including the A100, Vox, B3, and many more*. 

• Every patch includes the most realistic Leslie* simulator available, with mic placings that highlight the original rotary effect heard on classic organ tracks. 

• 30 organ patches with studio-grade fx processing (including rotary FX) and hands on control of up to 54 parameters per patch.

•Every patch is compatible with the midi-mapping standard Nashville Standard, allowing 100% intelligent mapping of knobs, faders, and buttons for every midi keyboard controller currently sold in the USA.*


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MainStage's Vintage Organ like you've never heard it before.

There's no need to purchase any additional sounds or plugins. All of the sounds in the Ultimate Organs pack use only MainStage's built in plugins, but take them to new heights. Every sound is layered in rotary cabinets, filters, and compressors, all tweaked for stability live. It's even possible to switch between various reverbs, delays, and even spring reverb using just the on-screen midi controls. 

Vintage vibes without the constant repairs. 

We've made over 150 CPU-friendly tweaks for this pack, then stress-tested every patch on stage and in studio. We included CPU savers like automatic plugin bypassing, buss routing for common FX on every channel, and volume-leveling tweaks at both the patch and concert level. 

Studio-quality sound, meet stage ready control.

The Ultimate Organ Pack is Nashville Standard compatible, which means that every knob, button, and fader on your midi keyboard will have a thoughtfully mapped, color-coded on screen control.* No more fumbling to find the right knob. Just download the pre-built free template that matches your controller, drag and drop your patches, and start jamming. 

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“Patch Foundry has done a masterful job of taking the stock sounds that come with Mainstage, and creating very musical, inspiring sounds.  The “bang for the buck”, as they say, is inspiring for your wallet as well.”

- Blair Masters

Grammy Winning Keyboardist- Amy Grant, MercyMe, Garth Brooks


''Just beautiful! I really enjoyed playing with these patches. The piano sounds phenomenal and rich. These keyboard patches are what every keyboard player, from any level, should get. It’s user friendly and sounds great in the studio as well as on stage. ''

- Marine Lacoste

Freelance Keyboardist and B3 Organ Player, Uncle Kracker 


“Patch Foundry has done a fantastic job with these patches! They are definitely good enough to use live or in the studio. They sound as good as samples that are much more expensive. Two thumbs way up!"

- Shannon Wickline

Composer and Keyboardist- Charlie Daniels Band





*Exclusions may apply. Hammond and Leslie do not endorse this product.