M Synth

M Synth

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• 50 presets in a dedicated MainStage concert, using only 100% stock MainStage and Logic X plugins. 
• 48 hands on and fully mappable controls to tweak every aspect of the original classics. 
• Plate reverb and tape delay available on every patch.
• CPU saving mappings that automatically disable plugins when not in use.
• The patches use minimal CPU, making it easy to load as many patches are you like even on a slow machine. 
• 100% compatible with all MainStage templates available at www.patchfoundry.com.
• 100% compatible with Logic X. Just drag and drop the patches directly into Logic, and all the sounds transfer.


OS: MacOS Mojave
CPU: Dual Core 1.7 GHz or faster (2.5 GHz recommended)
RAM: 8 gigabytes (16 gigabytes recommended) 
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M Synth Demo

M Synth Tutorial


After months of tweaking, we’re proud to announce M Synth, a playful tribute to one of the greatest mono synths of all time, the MiniMoog*.

Armed with nothing but an ES2 plugin and a handful of FX plugins, we spent three months messing, tweaking, and doing our best to create something with the same feel as a great 1970’s vintage instrument. When we stumbled out of the studio bleary eyed on the week before launch, we knew we’d created our best analog modeled synth pack yet.

*Moog does not condone or endorse this product. All names are registered trademarks and the property of their respective owners.