Bruno Synth

Bruno Synth

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• 50 Alchemy presets in a dedicated MainStage concert, using only 100% stock MainStage plugins. 
• 44 hands on and fully mappable controls to tweak every aspect of the original classics. 
• Plate reverb and delay available on every patch.
• The long sought after vintage Chorus I and Chorus II from the originals, modeled to perfection and available on every patch.
• CPU saving mappings that automatically disable plugins when not in use.
• 100% compatible with all MainStage templates available at


OS: MacOS Mojave
CPU: Dual Core 1.7 GHz or faster (2.5 GHz recommended)
RAM: 8 gigabytes (16 gigabytes recommended) 
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Bruno Synth Demo


We all love the feel, dirt, and personality of classic analog gear. While sampling classic synths is fun, there's something about tweaking a real synth that appeals to the geek inside us. 

That's when we got the crazy idea. Would it be possible to design using just MainStage's built-in Alchemy synth plugin something that behaves and sounds just like a classic vintage synth?

Drawing from 15 years sound programming experience, we started working on it. Two months and countless sleepless nights later, and we present our first modeled classic synth, The Bruno Synth. 

The Bruno Synth feels like a classic Juno 106* and Juno 60* had a love child together, and then slapped some vintage plate reverb, delay, and an arpeggiator in the crib instead of a rattle. It behaves just like its parents from a synth side, but has a few modern touches designed for the live and studio musician.