We're better together. 

MainStage users are a rare breed of geek, and we at Patch Foundry think that we need to help each other out. That's why we've developed an open-source unified MainStage standard called Nashville Standard (NS) for mapping and creating MainStage patches that work with any NS-compatible MainStage template.

Why is this important? There's a couple of reasons: 

• Creating patches to the Nashville Standard allows your patches to have automatic mappings for every keyboard currently sold in the USA.*

• Patches that work using the Nashville Standard have a unified and easy-to-understand color coding system, allowing users to easily tweak knobs based on color type. 

• Your patches will work with every other NS compatible developer's patches, opening up a larger audience to your creations. 

Compatibility Requirements 

Here's what your patches have to do in order for them to be NS-compatible: 

• All MainStage templates must have 5 buttons for global functions (next patch, previous patch, etc) and one vertical fader for volume. These controls must be added first before any additional controls are added. 

• All channel strips must have two busses routed to a dark reverb on Bus 1, and a bright reverb routed via Bus 2. 

• All patches must have a cutoff and delay either routed via a patch bus, or on each individual channel strip. 

• All instrument channels must have an arpeggiator, although they can be disabled. 

• All patches must have the midi mappings for Vertical Faders 1-8, Knobs 1-16, and Buttons 1-16. 

• Patches must follow the below color code based on type (note: each patch must change the color of each individual controller to one of the following colors): 

Orange- Piano, Electric Pianos

Purple- Organs

Salmon- Mallets

Yellow- Strings

Green- Synths

Light Blue- Pads

Pink -Brass/Orchestral


Red- Delay and other FX

The following controls must be hard routed to these controllers: 

Vertical Fader 6: Dark Reverb Send Amount

Vertical Fader 7: Bright Reverb Send Amount

Vertical Fader 8: Delay Send Amount

Vertical Fader 9: Cutoff

The following instruments must have volume control routed to these faders: 

Vertical Fader 2: Piano, Electric Piano

Vertical Fader 3: Strings, Mallets, Synths, Pads, Brass/Orchestral

Vertical Fader 4: Strings, Mallets, Synths, Pads, Brass/Orchestral (These are up to the developer's discretion, based on the layers in a patch). 

Vertical Fader 5: Organ

• All volume faders must have a range of -41DB to 0 DB. 


Click here to download a universal template for mapping all necessary controllers using the Nashville Standard, along with a free Retro Synth patch for reference. 

Click here to download a blank MainStage Template ready for you to build a custom template. 

Verified Developers

Patch Foundry

Are you creating patches using the Nashville Standard? Write us to go through a one-step and free verification process, and we'll link to your work and send you our "Nashville Standard Compatible" logo to let your buyers know that your patches are compatible with their keyboards. 

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