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Cover Band Pack 1 Released Today

Cover Band Pack 1 Released Today

It took awhile, but it’s finally here. Today we launched our first ever collection of song-specific patches to the world in Cover Band Pack 1. These patches are recreations of 10 classic cover band tunes, including patches inspired by: 


• 24k Magic

• Uptown Funk

• Treasure

• Firework

• Billie Jean

• Forget You

• Superstition

• Separate Ways

• Can't Stop The Feeling

• Sweet Caroline




Here’s some of the top features of the patches:  


• 10 exactly-like-the-original patches that include every sound you need to play each song live. Drag and drop the sounds you need into any Nashville Standard compatible MainStage template, and you're good to go. 


•Designed by Nashville touring musicians for pro touring use, modeled with exacting detail to match the original.


• Each patch features every synth and keyboard sound mapped and labeled in a way to let you play the right sound at the right time.


•Many patches have splits and layers, allowing you to play all the sounds on a single keyboard. 


• Recording studio-grade fx processing, including hands on control of up to 54 parameters per patch.


 • Each patch was level checked and proofed in our Nashville, TN recording studio. 


•Every patch is compatible with the midi-mapping standard Nashville Standard, allowing 100% intelligent mapping of knobs, faders, and buttons for every midi keyboard controller currently sold in the USA.*


Watch the video: 

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