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Vintage Instruments Bundle Released Today

Vintage Instruments Bundle Released Today

I’ve been hearing from so many of you that you’d like to own all all three of the Ultimate series packs that we decided to bundle them and give you almost half off the price! If you’ve been waiting to pick up all three packs, you’ll never get a better opportunity than with the Vintage Instruments Bundle


Here’s what’s included: 


• Over 130 piano, electric keyboards, and organs sounds designed by Nashville touring musicians. 


• Each patch has been designed to bring all the character, flaws, and quirks of the original instruments, including clicks, tube distortion, and more.


•All organs patches have specially tweaked Leslie settings, giving the best rotary FX available in software synths.


• 10 classic piano sounds, with both dry and effected pianos.


• Recording studio-grade fx processing, including hands on control of up to 54 parameters per patch.


 • Each patch was level checked and proofed in our Nashville, TN recording studio. 


•Every patch is compatible with the midi-mapping standard Nashville Standard, allowing 100% intelligent mapping of knobs, faders, and buttons for every midi keyboard controller currently sold in the USA.*


This will only be on sale for a short amount of time, so be sure to pick it up while you can! Just click the link to order.  To find out more about Vintage Instrument Bundle, click here. 



To watch a full video walkthrough of all three packs included in the bundle, check out the videos below. 

 How I Use The Vintage Instruments Bundle Live

How I Use The Vintage Instruments Bundle Live

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