Ultimate Electric Pianos Pack Released Today

We’ve been working hard to get new patches designed and available at Patch Foundry, and this weekend we were excited to announce another member of the Ultimate Patch Series, the Ultimate Electric Pianos Pack. 


Here’s some of the features of the new pack: 


• Painstakingly crafted by session players at a recording studio in Nashville, TN, the Ultimate Electric Pianos Pack features 50 vibey, gritty, and inspiring electric pianos, clavinets, and mechanical instrument patches.


• Tweaked versions of dozens of classic electric pianos, including the MK1, MK2, MK5, Suitcase Deluxe, Wurly, Clavinets, and many, many more.


• Includes a special Ambient Electric Pianos collection, perfect for modern pop, rock, and worship sets.


• Five 4-part combination patches with electric pianos, clavinets, pads, and organs mapped. 


• 50 electric piano and clavinet patches with studio-grade fx processing, including amp modeling, and hands on control of up to 54 parameters per patch.


•Every patch is compatible with the midi-mapping standard Nashville Standard, allowing 100% intelligent mapping of knobs, faders, and buttons for every midi keyboard controller currently sold in the USA.*


For a limited time we’re offering this pack at a discount of $19.99. 

Ultimate Electric Pianos Pack
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To watch a full video walkthrough of all 50 sounds, check out the video below.